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Boston Globe - 05/15/98

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Mother turns up heat in kidnap case

Says daughters lying to protect ex-husband

By Thomas Fnrragher, Globe Staff, 05/15/98

Barbara Kurth, whose ex-husband swept her two young daughters away to Florida nearly 20 years ago, now believes her children are lying to protect their father, who has been charged with kidnapping in the case.

Kurth, in an emotionĀ­charged interview scheduled for broadcast tonight on "Dateline NBC," said she does not believe Stephen Fagan's story that he intended to tell Rachael and Lisa Martin the truth about their mother when Lisa, the youngest, turned 21.

"I think he made up that part and he told them to say it," Kurth said in an interview taped last weekend. "And I can tell them that the thing I resent most about Stephen Fagan now is that he's having them lie for him.

"It's one thing for him to lie, but he is having them lie for him. And they know they're lying."

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