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Larry King, Barbara Kurth - 06/04/98

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KING: And he proceeded to do very well. Is that right? He married a rich lady. He prospered in Palm Beach, a community that looks warily on newcomers.

KURTH: Well, he did well in his ability to attract wealthy women. He didn't do well in terms of any sort of work.

KING: Did he have a job?

KURTH: No. he never had a job. The only job he ever had consistently was as a bouncer.

KING: As a bouncer. Was he regarded as a curator of the arts, or something. Hadn't he kind of attained, kind of, a position in Palm Beach of esteem.

KURTH: It seems so, yeah.

KING: What are you doing all this time?

KURTH: What am I doing?

KING: How are you not going nuts?

KURTH: I did go nuts for a while. And then decided that either I would be nuts, or I would be dead. Or, I would pick myself up, dust myself off, and try to make something of myself.

KING: Did the narcolepsy continue?

KURTH: The narcolepsy did not continue.

KING: It stopped?

KURTH: I want to tell you this, though. Steve Fagan, also last night said that he didn't believe the narcolepsy. He took me to a doctor, two years before we were married. He was present when it was diagnosed, he doled out the amphetamines. And now he's saying, I don't believe it.

KING: For the benefit of those who don't know, narcolepsy is just -- you can sleep at any time, right?

KURTH: Right.

KING: You can fall asleep and it's a deep sleep.

KURTH: I guess it's deep sleep. I mean, I -- deep, I'm not sure how to describe it, because I could...

KING: Baseball pitcher -- The old Chicago White Sox Saul Rogovin had it. He'd fall asleep in the dugout in the middle of a game he may have been pitching, and they'd have to -- couldn't get him up.

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CNN Larry King Interview of Barbara Kurth