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Constance Kurth (Barbara Kurth's mother) -

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This letter from Barbara Kurth's mother, Constance Kurth of Burlington, Vermont is significant for two primary reasons:

  1. Constance Kurth's anti-Christian statements, and

  2. The comment that she did not know her daughters new address and had no contact for quite awhile. At that time Barbara Kurth wanted little to do with her mother and stated to Steve that her mother's intent was to destroy the marriage.



Dear Barbara and Steve,

SOS--where are you? I don't know whether you have moved or not, but I seem to recall that you were moving last week end--on the other hand it may be this week end. At any rate. Let me know because I do not even know your new address. I know that your mail will be forwarded, but it really would be nice to know your address. And you must have a new telephone number.

I have quit my job and am on the last week. I hope I maintain my sanity until Friday. I have never been a great admirer of Christianity, but now I despise it. Christ Jesus and his gang are not for me. I guess it is the sanctimonious, smug condescension that I dislike most. Actually, it's a little hard to figure out what I dislike most. I hope the next person who works here is a Christian--it will be easier on her stomach.

I am going to start working for the Democrats next week. You probably recall that one of the planks in the platform is voter registration, and that is what I will be working on. It will last till the election, so come what may, I’ll be done by November 2. I like these short term jobs.

When would be a good week end for me to come down. How about the 11th and 12th? I say that because it is coming up soon, but if it is too soon after your move or if you have other plans let me know. It is over two months since I was down and that is a long time for changes in a two-year-old. Also I do want to see your new house, and you, of course. I will not do anything about your birthday, Barbara, until I do see you.

You remember Mary Pat Provost, don’t you, Barbara? She is the one who is Robbie's age. She went to California with a 27-year-old flower child about a year and a half ago. But she left him and took up with an older flower child, and they have been living on some hill north of San Francisco. Well, she had a baby on Sunday and named it--sit down before you read this—Pal Laughing Brook. I thought Cher's Elijah Blue was ridiculous but it cannot compete with Pal Laughing Brook.

Virginia called the other night--no, really Elizabeth called, but I did talk with VKR. They had just got back from Colorado and their ten days with the senior Randalls. They seem to have had a pretty good time, although Mrs. Randall doesn't like her grandson, so than caused some tension, needless to say. The other cousin, the little girl who is 4-1/2, played with Elizabeth and was so harmonious that Virginia is looking forward to one more year when E. and R. and play the same. They might now if they could get together. We surely don't want to wait a year.

Well, Robbie got off and Peter tells me there is a letter from him today. He took off for France without knowing where he was going to stay, as the friend he had planned to stay with went off to the Alps for a holiday. But I'm sure someone took him in. He has to be in London on the sixth of September. I hope he enjoys his year, but I think some of the English customs are going to get on his nerves for a while. I told him I didn't care what he did as long as he didn't pick up an accent.

No news really. Everyone has been out of town—-Julie to Maine and Jody to a workshop on art in the schools. I’ll be glad when everything gets back on some kind of schedule. The summer has been fun and fast, but I am ready for some routine, at least for a while.

Let me know your new address and when would be a good time to visit you. Hugs and kisses to Rachael. Virginia sent copies of the pictures of all of you--R, E, B, and V, taken last October. They are very cute, but now I need one with Rachael with hair.

Love to all,


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Constance Kurth Letter (Barbara Kurth's mother)