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Stephen Fagan's Niece -

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The mother didn't see the children for 19 years; do you think that was right?

Do you think the mother tried to the children?

My uncle had as a forwarding address the house I live in. It is the same address and phone number now as it was some 20 years ago. Not once in that time did the mother ever write, call, send a Christmas card, a birthday card or communicate in any way personally.

My grandparents bought a house in their name at the beginning of 1981. They lived there for 12 or 13 years. They had a car in their name; they had driver's licenses in their names and so on. Barbara knew how close my uncle was with his parents and they could have been found in no time at all. He saw them with the children at least a few times a week.

I believe the true character came out when the mother not called the children brainwashed and then liars for saying what they did and this on national television followed by a statement that they know where to me. Constance Kurth, the grandmother making the horrible statement about my grandmother who passed away some five years ago, that she was a pig really defines their agenda. Not only was that wrong and cruel it does not sound like a mother who wants anything but revenge. If those children were important, they would be the priority and one would reach out with love and compassion, not criticism and vitriol.

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Letter from Stephen Fagan's Niece