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Atlanta Constitution excerpt - 05/24/98

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The Atlanta Journal and Constitution - Excerpt

May 24, 1998

She also offered explanations --- and admissions --- starkly different from those of her lawyer and family members who served as spokesmen, including: She'd been arrested at least "two or three times" for drunken driving but said she didn't think she'd been convicted. Records and Fagan's lawyer indicate two Vermont convictions, including one in which she had a 0.23 percent blood-alcohol level. She doesn't believe she ever had the sleeping disorder narcolepsy, which her attorney said explained her sometimes drunklike appearance. Instead, she thinks she was misdiagnosed and used sleep as an "escape mechanism" to block out the pain of marriage with Fagan. She did not experience any episodes for 15 years, until police found Fagan last fall.

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