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10/14/78 Barbara Kurth DUI #1
12/08/78 Barbara Kurth DUI #2
01/17/79 Barbara Kurth DUI #3
04/27/98 Lisa Martin's Statement
04/27/98 Rachael Martin's Statement
05/28/99 Rachael Martin's Statement at trial
1999 Fact sheet on Stephen Fagan case
05/28/99 Stephen Fagan's statement after plea hearing
09/17/79 Affidavit of Helenmary Wilk
(neighbor of Barbara Kurth)
09/17/79 Affidavit of Sandra LaBombard
(neighbor of Barbara Kurth)
09/17/79 Affidavit of Maria Higgins
(neighbor of Barbara Kurth)
12/26/77 Affidavit for Custody
05/29/76 Harvard Law School, Harvard Legal Aid Bureau
Stephen Fagan Reference letter
Constance Kurth (Barbara Kurth's mother)
Stephen Fagan's Niece
07/22/98 Crummey Private Investigations
Helenmary Wilk and Sandra LaBombard
(neighbors of Barbara Kurth)
04/21/98 CNN - Greta Van Susteren
04/23/98 Good Morning America, Peter Kurth
(Barbara Kurth's brother)
06/04/98 Larry King, Barbara Kurth
04/18/98 Boston Herald "Conviction a longshot"
04/20/98 Boston Globe excerpt Unfounded and deliberate slander by Kurth.
04/24/98 Boston Globe Peter Kurth makes claims that Barbara Kurth had drug addiction and narcolepsy which she later denies.
04/30/98 Milton Times Fagan would be a hero if a woman.
05/11/98 People Magazine excerpt Quotes from girls.
05/15/98 Newsweek excerpt New doubts about Kurth's story.
05/15/98 Associated Press Barbara Kurth calls daughters liars.
05/15/98 Boston Globe Barbara Kurth says daughters are lying.
05/16/98 Palm Beach Post Barbara Kurth denies DUI convictions.
05/16/98 Palm Beach Daily News Barbara Kurth denies published convictions.
05/16/98 Boston Globe "Mother had drunken-driving convictions"
05/19/98 National Examiner More demonization and fantasy by a Kurth.
05/24/98 Atlanta Constitution excerpt Barbara Kurth now says she doesn't believe she ever had narcolepsy.
05/25/98 Arizona Daily Star Changing custody rights for men.
06/04/98 Palm Beach Post More on Barbara Kurths Driving Under the Influence.
05/16/98 Sun Sentinal Driving Under the Influence: Barbara Kurth convictions.
03/99 Sun Sentinel Peter Kurth vilifies girls.
06/01/99 Boston Herald DA says Kurth claims are not true.
06/01/99 Boston Herald Barbara Kurth claims District Attorney pushed her into accepting plea and she had no choice.
Boston Globe excerpt
03/95 Forbes, Peter Kurth article excerpt Quote from Barbara Kurth on children.
Private Investigator Reports
05/04/98 Report 1 - Interview with Frank and Sandra LaBombard, Bernadette Tatio (daughter)
05/04/98 Report 2 - Interview with Hellenmary Francis (Wilk)
Court Ruling
06/09/79 Barbara Kurth / Warren Waugh
Marriage Certificate
Please see the Summary section for concluding thoughts on Stephen Fagan's actions in light of the facts revealed in the DUI and other documents.