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Welcome visitor. This website attempts to provide factual clarity in the Stephen Fagan / Barbara Kurth kidnapping and custody case, and the extraordinary measures Stephen Fagan took to protect the well-being of his children. Some may ask, "Why Now?" as much time has elapsed. There are two primary reasons: First, people continually ask about the case and request the facts and documents the decision was based on, and second, misleading and self-serving information continues to be kept active on various websites, which in all fairness requires a response.

This is the real story of why a 38 year old man, an attorney, Instructor at Harvard Law School, etc., who lived his entire life in the same area, would take his young daughters and two suitcases - one filled with diapers and baby clothes - and leave it all behind. This is a partial snapshot of that moment in October of 1979 when that decision was made. This website also tries to address the fabrications, spin, and outright lies that were fed to a compliant media.

It is important to keep in mind that many of these events took place in the 1970's. Today, if a woman were found driving drunk with a blood alcohol level in excess of 3 times the legal limit and had 2 infants in the vehicle, the children would be instantly removed from her custody.

You are invited to go through each document and discussion and come to your own conclusions based on this body of material. Please visit the Discussion, Documents, and Summary sections to facilitate your understanding of this complex situation. We welcome your feedback and reflections in the Contact section. Depending on time and demand we will try and answer questions when possible. The Question and Answer section addresses the most frequently asked questions.