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Report 1 - Interview with Frank and Sandra LaBombard, Bernadette Tatio (daughter) - 05/04/98

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Terrence M. McDonough
Private Investigator
(address redacted)
Boston, MA 02110


(phone number redacted)
BEEPER (phone number redacted)


TO:Richard Egbert
FROM:      Ted McDonough
DATE:May 4, 1998
RE:Fagan - Investigation
Interview - Frank and Sandra LaBombard
Interview - Bernadette Tatio (daughter)

On April 27, 1998 I interviewed Mr. & Mrs. Frank LaBombard and their daughter, Bernadette Tatio (28 years old) at the LaBombard home, (address redacted), Clarksburg, MA (phone number redacted). Bernadette Tatio lives on (location redacted), Stamford, Vermont with her husband and their four year old daughter.

The LaBombards lived in (location redacted) from December 1972 until July 20, 1980. Her recollection of Barbara Fagan is quite vivid, especially during the spring and summer of 1979 when the weather permitted the neighbors to be outside with the various children playing in front of the houses. Barbara would frequently come to Sandra's door, especially if there was a barbeque. She would always be disheveled, sweating from her brow and she never appeared to be sober. She would smell of alcohol and when Sandra would ask her if she wanted a cup of coffee she would respond that she wanted a beer. Sandra slated that she fed both of Barbara's children frequently as they would come to her door. She recalls Rachael coming to her door, crying and saying "I'm hungry. I can't wake mommy up."

Sandra described Barbara as a pest because of her continuing to come to her house asking for beer (Mr. LaBombard always had beer available in his refrigerator. Mrs. LaBombard does not drink.) Sandra recalls that when Barbara was inside her house, she was sloppy with bad manners. The LaBombards were embarrassed when Barbara would start picking food out of the bowls on the kitchen table her fingers. This was a "no-no" in the LaBombard house. Their children (5) were very well mannered.

Bernadette who was ten (10) years old during this time would always be looking after her younger sister who would play with Rachael. She recalls that Barbara always appeared drunk. When she (Bernadette) was looking for clothes to play dress-up (in Barbara's house) she remembers finding several bottles (she described them as pint size) hidden under piles of clothes which were thrown all over the floor. Some of bottles were half full and some were empty. She recalls Barbara asleep on a pile of clothes or asleep on a mattress on the living room floor. She smelled bad and so did the house.

Bernadette saw Barbara put steak in the toaster and then give it to her daughters. She also would watch Barbara put two pieces of bread in toaster and then put a cold slice of cheese in the toast, cut it in half, and give it to the girls.

Sandra LaBombard did not want her children in Barbara's house because she did not feel they were safe. She vividly recalls the girls always half dressed playing outside alone, crying and always hungry. Sandra and her neighbors made sure that the children always had something to eat. She recalls that Rachael was always crying and saying "my mommy is sleeping." Wendy would usually have on a t-shirt, no socks and no underwear.

Sandra recalls that on one occasion that Barbara came to her house drunk and wanted to know who her doctor was, and then before she could answer. On another occasion she wanted a ride to a travel agency. Frank LaBombard recalls that her Thunderbird was smashed up.

Sandra stated that Maria Higgins, who is from Portugal, was married to David Higgins. He worked in Pittsfield in l979 as a manager of a fast food restaurant. They had a little daughter, Jocylyn.

Sandra recalls traveling to Framingham for a hearing. She drove down with her neighbor, Helen Mary Wilk. She was insulted when Barbara or Barbara's attorney accused her of attempting to get revenge on Barbara because Sandra's husband had made a pass at Barbara. Frank LaBombard denies ever having made a pass at her and Sandra believes him.

Sandra recalls Barbara saying that she was going to get married but does not have any vivid memory of having met Warren Waugh. Both she and her husband recall seeing a man with a beard around Barbara on a few occasions. I have provided Sandra LaBombard with a copy of her affidavit after having interviewed her and her family.

She has agreed to further attempt to recollect specific instances regarding Barbara Kurth and her two children.

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