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Report 2 - Interview with Hellenmary Francis (Wilk) - 05/04/98

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Terrence M. McDonough
Private Investigator
(address redacted)
Boston, MA 02110


(phone number redacted)
BEEPER (phone number redacted)


TO:Richard Egbert
FROM:      Ted McDonough
DATE:May 4, 1998
RE:Fagan - Investigation
Interview - HellenMary Francis (Wilk)

On April 29. 1998 I interviewed HelenMary Francis (Wilk) at her home, (address redacted), Chìcopee, MA (phone number redacted). She is married, thirty-nine (39) years old with three children. She lived at the (location redacted) for a two year period, 1979-1981, she was a single mother living with her daughter Amy who is now twenty­one (21) years old, she is the same age as Lisa Martin.

She recalls back in 1979 that both Rachael and Wendy were always unsupervised, dirty and hungry. She further recalls that the shades were always drawn in the house. During this period of time HelenMary was not employed. She and her friend Sandra LaBombard were very concerned about Barbara Kurth's two little girls.

She recalls the time when Rachael was crying and thought her mother was dead. When HelenMary ran over to their apartment she found Barbara passed out, with a strong odor of alcohol, on a mattress on the living room floor. Although she did not actually see her drinking, she always appeared to be intoxicated and "a mess."

After the incident of Barbara being passed out on the floor, she became alarmed and was able to contact Stephen Fagan, who came to North Adams immediately. He was very concerned about his daughters and asked HelenMary to please look out for the girls and contact him at any time. She still recalls how distraught Stephen was when she spoke to him on the telephone.

She only occasionally saw Warren Waugh and knew that they were married. She believes a twin bother of Warren Waugh choked to death during this time period. She never recalls having seen any of Barbara's relatives visit with her in North Adams.

She recalls driving to Boston with Sandra Laßombard for a hearing regarding custody of the children. She remembers Barbara accusing Sandra's husband of coming on to her and that is why Sandra was testifying. She knew this to be false because they both witnessed the neglect of the children. She states that Maria Higgins ended up moving to Connecticut with her husband. He worked for a pizza chain.

l provided to her a copy of her affidavit after I interviewed her. She will contact me if she recalls any further specific incidents.

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